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  1. hello there, i love your bass covers. i watched your update vid, and i would like to suggest a cover. how bout flumpool – reboot akiramenai toki :)
    i’m a big j-rock lover haha
    thank you for your time

  2. hey man yu’re great genius on the bass
    and i need bass tab of orange caramel magic girl you can help me
    ooohhh well well mmmm sorry and tank you for your time
    good bye

    • I’ll begin work on this soon, I’d just like to get my next cover out of the way first.
      Keep checking back though, It will be uploaded here when finished.

      • hey, love your bass covers, really helped me out~ i’ve noticed that you really like one ok rock, and was wondering if you could do a cover of their song 欲望に満ちた青年団, sorry if it’s in jap, couldn’t find the name in english :S it sounds like an easy song on the bass, but i just can’t figure out the notes :/!

  3. Thanks for the Sleeper cover, really great stuff. Could you perhaps cover this song PaRADiSE – Ohime sama no Akai Bara? It’s a whole lot easier than Sleeper.

    • Glad you liked the Sleeper cover.
      I don’t mean to sound rude in saying this, but I really can’t bring myself to cover a PaRADiSE song. I just can’t stand listening to the vocals.

  4. sorry for constantly requesting covers, but could you give Ginger by Exist Trace a listen? If not that song then any song by them is cool.

    • I’ve never really listened to the bass of this song before, even though I’m a fan of Exist Trace. I’ll definitely look into it.

      I’m kinda getting caked with requests today though, so it will probably take a while.


  6. Are you still taking requests?

    If so, can you listen to Choir Jail by Konomi Suzuki?

    Heard it in the OST of an anime and thought it sounded pretty amazing.

  7. I really like your High and Mighty Color covers, good stuff. Are you going to cover any more of their songs?

    • They’re my favourite band, so rest assured that there will be more H&MC covers.
      The problem at the moment is time. I have to spend a lot of my spare time revising.

    • Really sorry about the late reply again.
      I can upload a tab for you, but I stay well clear of uploading Scandal covers to my Youtube channel due to the major copyright issues that they cause.

      Any Scandal covers I do will be a part of the Scandal Heaven Cover Band, and will be uploaded to that channel.

  8. hi friend hey please upload tab LADY PHANTER BY BUONO and i have a one cuestion this song is easy or hard please please public this tab i like very much the lyric
    and thanks for your attetion

    • Sure, it might take a little while to tab it though, as it’s a fairly intricate bassline.
      I’d go as far as to say it’s one of Buono!’s hardest basslines to play just because of the strain it can put on the fretting hand if you aren’t used to stretching it a lot.

  9. oh thanks for the tab really see that this complicated good order thank you very much a question mark is your electric bass sounds great

  10. Hey dude, I just started watching some of your videos today, and they’re awesome. I was just curious about a few things/hoping you could give some suggestions to an aspiring bass player.

    Firstly I guess, what kind of bass would you recommend for a beginner? Something not overtly expensive that still has a nice sound to it. Also, do you recommend to not rely on tabs to learn how to play songs? As I am know, without tabs, I kind of don’t know what to do.

    And I guess also please do some Maximum the Hormone tabs if you can~ That’d be pretty sweet

    • Hey, thanks for the comment!

      For your first bass, it’s dependant on budget really. Squier’s are always good quality for the price, and if you’re going down that route I’d recommend a Jazz bass mainly for their versatility over the P-Bass.
      If you don’t want to go down that route, then the lower end Ibanez’s and Yamaha’s are usually pretty good quality. Just whatever you do, make sure you stay well away from Stagg when buying instruments, as even their more expensive models are made from cheap materials.

      I didn’t start to learn by ear at all until more than a year after I started playing, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it at the moment. It will come naturally the more you find your way around the fretboard.

      I certainly can do some Maximum the Hormone tabs, but I can’t say you’ll have an easy time playing any of their stuff if you just started.

  11. Hey man, thanks for all your tabs and covers so far, helped me a lot.

    Could you cover/tab Slow Dance by Suneohair?

  12. HELLO SORRY THE HASSLE ME UP wondering if you could tablature BYE BYE BYE by º C-ute
    indeed the tablature was perfect kiss kiss kiss thank you I wish you a happy new year

    • I’ll start working on it when I can.
      It might take a little while due to a fairly hectic schedule at the moment, but rest assured it will be done for you.

  13. hello good evening friend come to bother you again I hope you can help me I want to ask the tablature LOLITA STRAWBERRY SUMMER IN TOKYO GIRLS STYLE by very good song is that if you do not know but I recommend you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience

  14. Hello, you do an amazing work ! Thank you very much. And what about a cover ofCalling you of My First Story ? The band of Taka’s little brother, It would be great, but it’s just a suggestion of course :)

  15. hello sorry to bother you again I just want you to help me with a tab LIAR BY TOKYO GIRLS STYLE thanks for the attention AND THANKS

  16. Hey man, great work on your tabs. Thanks especially for the 2NE1, Sistar, and Gumi ones.
    Not sure if you still come around anymore, but if you have time, would you take a look at “An Ecstatic Vivace” by Last Note, and maybe tab it if you like it? c:


  17. Hey man, congrats on the band, the music is muy bueno.

    Just wondering if you’ve taken a listen to DIV yet? Not for tabs or anything, just wondering what your thoughts on the band are.

  18. Hello,I respect you . Could you listen band about ¨BULL ZEICHEN 88¨.?¨prorogue¨of
    The band’s song is exciting bass play.

    ↑I want to negotiate your copy and tab.
    I’m sorry,i’m a japanese student.My English
    is bad.

    But,I know you are great bassist!

    Thank you.

  19. Hey! I think you’re really awesome on the bass~ I love your covers, especially the SiM and OOR ones! I found you through your cover of SiM’s Who’s Next?. Since I don’t have a youtube account, could I ask what model your bass is and the amp you’re using? I could just tell it was Fender from the headstock lol. Anyway, the sound of the bass and amp combined is really good.

    I was wondering if you could tab and do a youtube of cover SCANDAL’s song Orange Juice (オレンジジュース) from their new album STANDARD. It seems like a difficult song, but nevertheless sounds awesome. I just can’t figure out the notes. But this is only a suggestion. Thanks again!

    Look forward to your future covers.

  20. hey, i got a request.

    it mean a world to me.

    thanks a lot for the tabs on your website!! :D

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