About Me

Real name: Brett Robertshaw
DOB: 13/05/1993
Nationality: English
Place of birth: Blackpool, Lancashire

Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite sweets: Haribo Tangfastics
Favourite game: Star Ocean 2
Favourite film: Oldboy
Favourite actor: Ellie Kendrick

Favourite band: High and Mighty Color
Favourite solo artist: G-Dragon
Favourite song: Hate – High and Mighty Color

When did I start playing bass?
I started playing at the start of 2009, when I was aged 15. I started mainly so I could play along with friends in the music room at school, and of course I found I enjoyed it, so I carried on playing after I left school too.

When did I start listening to Asian Music?
I originally heard Jpop for the first time when I was 13. The first song I heard was Nana Kitade’s ‘Kibou no Kakera’ while I was just browsing on Youtube.

I came back to it a couple of years later and decided to look further into Jpop, which is when I discovered my love for the genre as a whole. This spread into a love for Kpop when I was 16, and I’ve been a fan of all types of Japanese and Korean music alike ever since.

What was the first bass that I bought?
The first bass that I bought was a Stagg BC300 fusion, which I picked up for £130 new.
Obviously being inexperienced at the time, I bought it based on its looks, and didn’t look into the quality of the build or tone.

Needless to say I learned from my mistake. Never buy a Stagg, regardless of your budget.
After I bought my Mexican P-Bass I dismantled my Stagg to try and learn about the way they were built. That turned out to be a failed experiment, as I was still no wiser.


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